Saturday, April 3, 2010

Berkman's knee, and Pence's spot in the lineup

Berkman isn't so confident of being ready to go April 10. But he's holding out hope:

“I do remember with my other knee injuries, you kind of get to a stage where you say ‘my goodness, this thing isn't making any improvement at all,' and then all of a sudden it does.”

I wonder which side we're on - the "this thing isn't making any improvement at all?" Or is he getting close to the "all of a sudden?"

Either way, there is a need for a #3 hitter, and while Mills says the entire lineup isn't yet decided, Pence's spot is:
“I haven't decided on the whole lineup yet, but he will hit third."

My projected lineup:
1. Bourn
2. Matsui
3. Pence
4. Lee
5. Feliz
6. Johnson
7. Towles
8. Manzella

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