Friday, April 16, 2010

Keith Law: Nah, Roy won't bring much

Keith Law counters Jayson Stark's report that the Astros could be shopping Roy:

What's the market for Roy-O?
"Not much -- he's already showing signs of decline and his contract is enormous. The Astros refusal to rebuild sooner is going to catch up with them in a huge way this year."


Joe said...

Keith Law. You are a tool and I wish I could tell you to your face. You don't think we will get very much for Roy? Nobody said we were getting a Halladay package for him but we can get a top prospect atleast especially if Roy keeps pitching well. Atleast we now know Keith Law knows all and can speak for every GM.

Peanut said...

I'm inclined to agree with Law. Roy has shown little but inconsistency over the past few seasons. He's got chronic injury problems and has a tendency to get sloppy on the mound. Couple that with his contract and you've got a pitcher who won't bring much in a trade. They might get a top guy if Drayton will eat a lot of Oswalt's salary, but that's a pretty big "if."

What I'll be looking for is continued success from Myers. If he shines this season, he'll be a much easier to trade than Oswalt. They wouldn't get a big package in return for him, but smart general managers have snagged good prospects for less.

Likelihood of any of this? Too difficult to judge. We'll need to see how the Astros play between now and the deadline to have even so much as an inkling of what Drayton will do.