Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Consider this bus turned around

Bernardo Fallas says the Astros have turned it around. Right?

“Right now. I mean, we started 0-8, and now we're within two games of .500. That's turning it around, in my opinion.”

"We're feeling better as a team with pitching, hitting and defense. We worked on it all the way around. The more you take care of business in all three facets of the game, the better you are. We're putting everything together, and we're winning games.”

More Berkman:
“Obviously, we're not happy being a sub-.500 team, but this is not a sub-.500 ballclub. With the talent we have, there's no way. We're going to be over .500; we just need to see how much farther we can get and keep pushing. These guys are going to continue to improve at the plate, and our starting pitching is going to be the key. If our starting pitching continues to throw the ball like they have, we're going to be an awful tough team.”