Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jerome Solomon just blew our collective minds

In a column discussing how, three weeks into the season, the Astros are one streaky team, we're left confused:

When the real Astros stand up, just where in between they will be is the difficult question.

How do you get off to an 0-8 start?

Weak hitting, poor pitching and substandard defense.

How do you recover to win three consecutive series and seven of eight games?

Consistently solid pitching, clutch hitting and good defense.

Note: Pitching comes first.

The Astros are 7-2 when they have scored four or more runs and only 1-8 when held to three or fewer.

But the key to their turnaround has come from the mound...

...It is impressive that the Astros are 8-10 with an offense that is near the bottom of the National League in power numbers.

You should be excited about this stretch, but let's not forget that squad from the first week and a half of April was wearing Astros colors too.

It'll be back.

In the meantime, it's not a roller-coaster ride until it goes back down again, so feel free to jump on.

For now, even if they aren't for real, these are the real Astros.