Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bold statements abound

Cardinals blog Redbird Rants did an interview with Tomahawk Talk, and discussed a number of things about baseball, naturally. But check this out:

Tomahawk Talk:
Returning to the Cardinals and their division, how do you see the NL Central shaping up? What’s your projected order-of-finish for the NL Central?

Redbird Rants:
The Cards should cruise to the division title by August. After that, it’s a jumble of mediocre teams. I’ll go with the Cubs to finish second because they have the talent to do so. But Chicago is also somewhat of a mess. Cincinnati should hang around with their young talent and Milwaukee and Pittsburgh should be competitive. The Astros are already planning for 2011.

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Joe said...

I honestly can only recall one year during Drayton's tenure that we planned for the next year during the season. That was 2000. We finished 70-92. I love front runners. Lets just wait until the Cardinals have 50 million dollars tied down to two players who will be degressing half way through the deals. John Mozeliak is a horrible GM and will continue to point the finger elsewhere until he is fired.