Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Norris signs

Bud Norris signed a one-year deal today worth $401,000. And that's everyone on the 40-man roster signed.

By the by, let's take a look at the projected starting rotation and their rate of pay in 2010:

Roy Oswalt: $15m
Wandy Rodriguez: $5m
Brett Myers: $3m
Bud Norris: $401,000
Felipe Paulino: $415,000

That's a total of $23,816,000. What was it in 2009?

Roy Oswalt: $14m
Wandy Rodriguez: $2.6m
Mike Hampton: $2m
Russ Ortiz: $750,000
Brian Moehler: $2.3m

2009 Total: $21,650,000

Obviously, Wandy's $2.4m raise had something to do with this. But don't you feel better now?