Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A lot of pitchers threw. Mills mentioned one.

In McTaggart's recap of today's Spring Training events, highlighted - of course - is the inter-squad game, which Meacham's Mashers won 16-13 over Clark's Crushers.

McTaggart mentions Yorman Bazardo having the roughest day of all the pitchers to throw, but Mills took note of Matt Lindstrom:

"It was good to see the pitchers throw the ball to live hitters. The biggest thing was to get them out there in a game situation and run through some things. Successes and failures are absolutely nothing today, especially with the weather like it was. But it was nice to get them out there in game situations and throw the ball. I thought Lindstrom threw the ball real well. He was letting it go there for a while. I know he gave up a couple of balls hit hard, but it was sure nice to see him throw the ball extremely well."

Tomorrow kicks off the Grapefruit League season, and Brett Myers will start, throwing - hopefully - two innings.

Towles, Quintero, and Castro will all get ABs in the DH spot as Mills tries to establish who will be C1. Mills:

"There's going to be some times we're not going to, but for Friday's game in Detroit we're going to wait to see if Berkman needs to DH or play first base. I'm waiting to see how he is [Thursday]. Most of the time, it's going to be our catchers."