Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clemens: Big-time HR in 1st game at 1B

Koby Clemens hit a three-run jack off Matt Lindstrom in his first career game at 1B, a telling sign of where The Apparatus may want him to focus as he likely heads to Corpus in 2010.

"I had a lot of confidence last year and hit in a really good lineup and a really good-hitting league. It was very much a perfect storm kind of situation. I got an opportunity to hit behind guys like Gaston, Shuck and Steele, and they're getting on base for me three out of four times and I'm having a lot of opportunities to hit with runners on first and third and less than two outs. Kind of similar to how today went. The pressure is on the pitcher, and I just trust what I can do..."

...So far, I've played pretty good. That was my first full game at first base ever in my life, so it went pretty well. I didn't make any errors and caught every ball thrown to me and missed a few assignments on balls down the line because I got a little confused, but by the time Spring Training is up, I'll be ready to go."