Monday, March 22, 2010 game is missing barrels, too!

Excellent article from McTaggart on Chris Sampson, and how if Cooper had never made him throw 900IP before the All-Star Break, he never would have perfected his changeup - and that, my friends, is what Chris Sampson has done:

"Had I not gotten sent down, I might not have gotten an opportunity to talk to Roy about his changeup and not learn the changeup. I have a new pitch for this year, and good Lord willing, I'll make this team and do my part in contributing again out of the bullpen in Houston. I'm doing what I can and forgetting about last year and keep looking forward...

..."My game is just missing barrels. I'm not a strikeout pitcher, I'm not a power pitcher. I just go and throw strikes and try to miss barrels and get a lot of ground balls. I've been in the league for three years and hitters know me and know what I have, and if I could add another pitch and set them back and make them think about another pitch, that's to my advantage."


"He's got that sinker and breaking ball that allows him to keep the ball on the ground, and if he's able to do that, we've got guys that can catch it and throw it. That's going to make him better and us better."

Sampson is going to be a major part of the bullpen this year, and the Astros' success is going to have to rely on the bullpen in 2010.

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Ryan Sides said...

I've said all along that Sampson has proven (at least to me) that he can be a reliable 8th inning pitcher. Of course, now that we overpaid for Lyon, that would never happen, but he should be dang good for seventh/fireman duties.

I actually like the bullpen, provided one of the guys steps up for closer. Fulchino and Arias could easily be 7th inning guys (even though we only need them for early inning or mop-up) and it's always fun to bring out a guy like Gervacio just to mess with hitters (provided he makes the team, which, sadly, doesn't seem likely).