Monday, March 22, 2010

Update on Injured Astros

Quick version: Everyone is doing better.

Long version:

Brad Mills:
"Lance came into the office and said he felt better today and that's always good to hear from him. We're trying to keep his range of motion where it needs to be and keep the swelling down. Bourgeois felt better when he came in today, and Manzella is feeling and looking better. Those things are good. Arias is getting an MRI this morning and we'll looking forward to hearing back from him. Bazardo is getting stronger every day and playing catch and doing all his things."

Manzella is apparently at least a week from returning.

Mills, on what Manzella's injury means for SS:
"We have to look at all of our options. With Tommy being down for a few days we want to make sure we see Maysonet over there and Keppinger and Blummer. We'll keep all options open. This is the first time we put him out there this year. I've got to see him play out there. I do know he's got good hands, a good arm and his experience and being able to position himself where he needs to be should help his range."