Monday, March 22, 2010

Recap for Astros v. Cardinals

What Happened?
Wandy allowed ten baserunners (five earned runs) in 4IP - all five runs came in the first inning - and the Astros just couldn't claw back as the Cardinals held on for a 6-4 win, despite three hits from Carlos Lee and six extra-base hits total.

Why They Lost
Well, spotting a team five runs before you see your first pitch at the plate is a pretty handy recipe for getting an L. Wandy dropped to 1-3 on the Spring, with a 9.69 ERA. The next three innings went pretty smoothly for Wandy the rest of the way, allowing three hits and no earned runs in the 3IP that followed.

Astros pitching
We already talked about Wandy (who added a WP and an HBP to his line), but how about Sam Gervacio (2IP, 1H/0ER, 3K) and Wilton Lopez (2IP, 0H/0ER, 3K)! In addition to the six Ks between the two, they added six groundball outs to the line, as well. Shane Loux closed the game out with 1IP, 1H/1ER - on a solo shot by Mather.

Astros batting
Not a terrible day at the plate for the Astros, once you get past the 2x12 w/RISP. Carlos Lee had three hits, including a double, and Chris Shelton added two doubles to his day. The Astros also got doubles from Sullivan and Towles, a homer from Feliz, and a hit from Keppinger.

Aside from Towles' double, he had a rough one behind the plate - two SB allowed and a throwing error.

0-fers (more than one AB): Van Ostrand (0x2), Pence (0x3), Blum (0x3), Cook (0x2, RBI, BB)

Positional Battles

Towles: 1x4, R (.444)
Castro: 0x1 (.391)

Sullivan: 1x3, RBI (.243)

Johnson: 0x1 (.306)
Maysonet: 0x1, K (.381)

Man of the Match
Carlos Lee. Or Gervacio/Lopez.

Goat of the Game
And this one goes to Wandy. He still has a couple of starts left (maybe three), but it's time to start working through these kinks.

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