Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey, so if Blum can keep hitting .450, we might be okay

Zach Levine's article tells us that the lineups we're seeing are starting to look more like the lineups we'll see come April 5. Of course, Berkman's readiness on Opening Day is a question, and that's forcing Geoff Blum to be more flexible.

The major question is whether first baseman Lance Berkman is healthy enough to return for opening day.

In his absence, Geoff Blum started in the No. 5 spot in the lineup Sunday, giving protection to Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee, who batted third and fourth, respectively.

Manager Brad Mills said Sunday's lineup that scored eight runs in the first four innings didn't definitely represent the one he would write in on opening day, but he said he could see it as a possibility.

“We're still playing around with that. If he continues to swing the bat well, I think everyone could see why I'd want him in that fifth spot."

I'm okay with Blum hitting fifth - if he hits like a #5 hitter. Maybe not at the first sign of struggle, but at least at the second or third sign of struggle, I would hope that Mills shakes it up.