Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everybody hearts Brad Mills

Maureen Mullen of the Daily Item has a really long piece about Brad Mills and the Astros playing the Red Sox today. But long story short, everybody loves him.

"I can honestly say from the very first day of pitchers and catchers workout that [Mills has] been as advertised. His enthusiasm. His passion for the game. The way he cares about players. His attention to detail. The way he's utilized and folded in his staff, not only the big league staff but all the other guys we have in camp right now serving as instructors, they all have a role. Things have been clearly defined. They're having fun. There's a pace and a tempo to it. And it really is a result of the trend that he established from the very first day."

Mills, on his biggest challenge:
"Being the one in the seat. I could talk to Terry about all kinds of moves and things and we could discuss it. But you know what? He's the one who had to pull the trigger and make the choice. And that experience was immeasurable, but now I'm the one that has to pull the trigger and make the choice. I think getting used to that, there's no doubt."