Monday, March 15, 2010

Greenies in the clubhouse

First of all, it should be noted that my friends over at the had the link to this first.

But over at Morgan Ensberg's (excellent) blog, a commenter asked a question:

“Did you use PED’s and did you see others using them? A simple yes or no will not do.”

Stuart I am pumped up that you asked me that! I didn’t use steroids or anything else that helped build muscle.

The only thing I saw in the clubhouse was “greenies” which I have done about 10 times. Greenies are basically “uppers” and they didn’t do anything to me. I am not sure if that is a good thing.

I drink a ton of coffee and would drink something like 2 redbulls before a game if I felt sluggish.

I always use this analogy. In Hermosa Beach, where I grew up, there were a bunch of kids who smoked weed. I was asked if I wanted to smoke, but I said no and that was the end of it.

I eventually smoked in college about 30 times and I liked it. But I noticed that it made me eat a lot and I didn’t need any help in that department.

Back to the point, I didn’t smoke so I wasn’t in “that club”. If you are not in the group then you have no idea what guys are doing it. The same thing happened in college with cocaine. I have never done cocaine, but some of my buddies did and I had no idea. I just thought that they were really hyper.

My opinion is this. I can’t fault anyone for doing steroids because they are trying to do everything they can to get to the big leagues. I played in the Dominican and Venezuela and nothing you say will change my opinion on a guy making a decision to feed his family. This isn’t apples and apples.

I don’t even think that those guys who did do steroids pushed me out of the game. I had the ability to play the game at the highest level and that is really cool to me.

Okay. So once I get the link to the post, I'll link it, and remove this sentence. But let's make note of a few things:

1. This is something that HOVG already said, but it bears repeating: this is incredibly ballsy for Ensberg to say.

2. Now that's out of the way: There were greenies apparently in the clubhouse. We don't have a year, or a team. So that's either in the five seasons he was with the Astros or the season and a half he was with the Padres and Yankees.

3. If we're all trying to move past the issue of enhancers (which will never go away), then what we can do here is shrug our shoulders and go, "Huh."

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