Monday, March 15, 2010

FanGraphs unsurprisingly ranks Astros #30

FanGraphs' Dave Cameron listed the Astros 30/30 in his Organizational Ranking index. Because why not - the target is a mile wide.

The Astros probably aren’t the worst team in baseball. With a couple of solid drafts of late, they may not have the worst farm system anymore. And, thanks to the guys up in KC, they aren’t the worst run organization either. But their combination of a bad roster full of old players with large contracts and a management that is either unwilling to admit that a rebuild is necessary or unwilling to commit to one makes them the franchise that needs more help than any other.

Oh, and did you know that Jason Castro, Jiovanni Mier, and Jordan Lyles aren't "franchise players?":
There is some hope on the farm, but it’s mostly a few years away, and there’s not a lot of depth there. It falls off quickly after Castro, Mier, and Lyles, none of whom are franchise players. They spent too many years ignoring both Latin America and the draft, and even with a recent reconversion back to building from within, the years of neglect have left them in bad shape going forward. The core of the next good Astros team is not yet in the Houston organization, requiring them to make a lot of savvy moves to bring in some high quality young players.

Oh, and you should read the comments. They're pure gold.

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