Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bagwell impressed with Pence

But really, what else was he going to say? The Austin American-Statesman a Nocturnal Emissions-worthy piece on Hunter Pence's rising star.

"I'm very impressed with his work ethic. He goes as hard as anybody I've seen. He's in the weight room and batting cage every single day during the offseason just trying to get better. You have to appreciate that from a kid his age."

I'd like to see him become more of a run-producer. I'd like to see him hit a few more home runs and drive some more guys in. I think that's the next step in his evolution, is to move from that 70 or 80 RBI plateau up to 100 RBIs and be a consistent 30 home-run hitter. I think he's capable of doing it."

"I know what my potential is. I don't worry about pressure or expectations. I probably have higher expectations for myself than anyone else. I use it drive myself."