Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's hardly news, but...

...I do feel like even more of a slacker without posting anything for a day (I swear, that Keppinger piece is coming right up). But Nick Cafardo, in a discussion, about Josh Beckett's impending contract, says that the Red Sox may be willing to explore other options than giving Beckett a Burnett-esque deal. Why is this relevant?

Roy Oswalt, who is signed through 2011, may be willing to waive his no-trade rights for the right situation if the Astros go into rebuilding mode under Brad Mills.

I don't think that's anything we didn't know. But would Roy go to the Red Sox? Probably, even though he's really only mentioned NL teams as destinations (right?). I'd much rather cheer for Oswalt in a Red Sox jersey than a Cardinals one.

Keep in mind the Astros have a club option for 2012 - or a $2m buyout - but Oswalt will receive $15m this year, and $16m in 2011. I would imagine that, if the Astros are out of it in July, and the Red Sox come calling with prospects, Easy Eddie would test the strength of that no-trade clause.

And then Cafardo takes some time to discuss Felipe Paulino:
Among the challenges facing manager Brad Mills in his inaugural season, Paulino has to be atop the list. Paulino, who can hit the century mark with his fastball, evidently has finally bought into conditioning. Now if he can improve his curveball to go along with his heat, Paulino could make life more tolerable for Mills.

That's what we really want, after all, no? A tolerable life for Brad Mills.

Finally, Cafardo takes on the potential sale of the Astros (man, we should have hired a guy from Boston years ago!):
Someone will have to overpay for McLane to part with the Astros, but with the Rangers recently going for about $575 million, it’s awfully difficult for any group to get into the $700 million range in this economy.