Friday, February 26, 2010

Lancaster JetHawks: Koby Clemens

Koby Clemens
How did he get here?: Drafted, 8th Round (2005)
Stats: 5'11", 193 lbs, Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Age as of April 1, 2010: 24

2009 Overview (with five games at Corpus)


Career (2005-09)


What happened?

This was obviously the breakout year that Clemens had been waiting for. He doesn't really have a position, and will try a whole bunch of them as he moves to Corpus in 2010. A few things to note, before we get into the Lancaster Effect on his stats: His XBH/H rate increased in 2009, but not dramatically (40% to 48%), and his K/PA rate stayed largely the same.

It is worth mentioning that, while Clemens hit .352/.425/.662 at Lancaster, he also hit .338/.412/.610 on the road, and had more extra-base hits on the road than he did at Lancaster.

What went right?

A whole lot of things, but let's discuss three: (1) "Clutch" situations. With the bases empty, Clemens hit .287/.364/.587. With runners on, he hit .406/.472/.739, and with RISP, Clemens hit .447/.494/.837. (2) Post-ASG. Clemens got better as the year went on. Pre-ASG, Clemens it .313/.389/.497 with 22 extra-base hits in 47 games. After the ASG, Clemens hit .365/.437/.723 with 51 XBHs (19 homers, compared to three pre-ASG). (3) BABIP. Clemens benefited from a .412 BABIP, which is ridiculously high, meaning he learned how to hit to the gaps (his doubles rose from 29 in 2008 to 45 in 2009), or his groundballs found holes. While 2009 was a surprise, 2010 is crucial to his status as a prospect.

What went wrong?

How do you even pick this? Don't know? Neither do I.


Kevin said...

I read somewhere that Clemens had the fourth highest RBI rate in ALL professional baseball (MLB and MiLB). The top 3 were Fielder, Pujols, and Howard. A little non-scientific analysis if you will...

Fielder 141 RBI / 591 AB
Howard 141 RBI / 616 AB
Pujols 135 RBI / 568 AB
Clemens 123 RBI / 440 AB
Teixeira 122 RBI / 609 AB

I'm not trying to make the point that Clemens is next great MLB 1B, I just think that it's pretty darn impressive.

Oh, and don't Howard and Teixeira play in supposed hitters ballparks too?

Steve Duer said...

Want went wrong is that he is a prospect in the national league where all batters have to play a position in the field.

Koby is a good hitter but he was not a good 3rd baseman or catcher. We will see how he adjust to LF.

I don't think he is big enough to play 1B so LF is his best shot, short of going to the american league.

The Constable. said...

+1 to both Kevin and Steve for valid points. It's hard to project where Clemens could play in the field (provided he's not a DH). Carlos Lee's contract ends in three years, Berkman's in two (provided the Astros pick up his option). So his best shot is to dominate at 1B in Corpus, and keep it rolling at Round Rock.