Monday, February 1, 2010

Expectations for Pedro Feliz

Bernardo Fallas' new blog post breaks down what the Astros expect out of Pedro Feliz.

It includes having Feliz drive in 85-90 runs. If he and Geoff Blum share duties at third, the Astros expect at least 90 runs produced by the tandem.

The Astros also need Feliz to get his pop going this season. One of the selling points about Feliz for the Astros is his potential to hit 20 homers in a season.

As Fallas points out, Feliz has driven in 85 runs just once in his career - 2006, in San Francisco - when he had 92RBI. Feliz has driven in 80+ runs three times, most recently in 2009, when he had 82RBI.

But it is worth noting that over his ten-year career, Feliz has averaged 78RBI per 162 games (and he's played in 130+ games six times). Is 85-90 RBI out of the question? I don't know, but knowing that the Astros got 69 RBI out of the 3B spot last year (Blum, Keppinger, and Johnson.), and hoping to add 15-20 runs out of it makes me happy.


OremLK said...

Shrug. RBI fluctuates so randomly based on where the guy is hitting in the order and who's on base ahead of him that I'd never feel comfortable predicting the stat any more specifically than to say that leadoff guys won't have many and middle of the order guys will have a bunch.

I'm just hoping Feliz's MMP numbers are not a complete fluke and he actually does perform better here to an extent. If he breaks .750 OPS I will be incredibly happy.

The Constable. said...