Monday, February 1, 2010

Pujols aiding in the destruction of the Negro Leagues Museum. Bourn comes to the rescue

Hopefully this will anger Sluggerio, one of the baseball gods. Albert Pujols was in Kansas City this weekend, and didn't show up - nay, even record a message - to thank the Negro Leagues Museum for either of his two awards.

Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger:
Too bad baseball’s best player didn’t come to make it better. The museum gave him two awards. He accepted neither in person, and didn’t record a video thank you like several others who couldn’t show up -- and like he's done in the past.

Pujols was in Kansas City this weekend, you know. He worked a hitting clinic and signed autographs for kids at a facility in north Kansas City on Sunday. Word is he drove from St. Louis and back to do the clinic – a good cause on its own – so he could spend more time with his family.

The problem with that is he owns a house in Kansas City. The other problem with that is there are hotels in Kansas City. Pujols has expressed support for the museum, and toured a few times, but hasn't yet accepted an award in person. He’s recorded personal acceptances in the past, but this year kept museum officials unsure of whether he’d attend up until the day of the show.

If Pujols would’ve come to be honored, the museum surely could’ve sold more tickets in a year they're in desperate need of money.

The fact that the Negro Leagues Museum is in financial jeopardy is a travesty in itself. But when simply showing up for an event in which you were being honored - across town - is too hard, that is reprehensible.

I know Pujols is a good guy. I get it. But come on.

Michael Bourn, who was this year's recipient of the NL Cool Papa Bell Award (for his league-leading stolen bases), was there. And he brought his dad:
“Today is a day you’ll never forget in your life,”

Good for you, Michael Bourn.