Monday, February 1, 2010

New PECOTA not as fun as old PECOTA

The newest PECOTA projections aren't as kind to the Astros as the old PECOTA was.

Last week's PECOTA projections had the Astros tied for 4th with a 75-87 record, 766/829 runs scored/allowed line, and a .264/.330/.403 slash line.

This week's PECOTA says the Astros will finish 5th with a 76-86 record, 697/743 runs scored/allowed, and a .265/.330/.404 slash line.

Obviously the new record is better, but the runs scored are way down, despite slightly better slash numbers. How can they finish worse? Well, the Brewers and Cubs project to be three games better than the Astros, while the Cardinals were adjusted down five wins, just two games up on the Reds.

But let's not get too worked up over this, no?