Friday, January 8, 2010

Tigers really couldn't care about Valverde

In Jason Beck's article on the Tigers' interest in Valverde, we see that maybe they're not so concerned about their bullpen. And maybe the Diamondbacks aren't, either. Meaning that Valverde's agent has changed the feces-stained bedsheets, and proceeded to soil them again.

Neither the Tigers, nor the D-Backs - who are believed to be at their budget -- nor any other clubs in the market for a closer appear to be in that kind of financial range. In the Tigers' case, their abundance of young relief talent -- including closing prospect Daniel Schlereth from last month's trade of Edwin Jackson -- has given them another reason not to pursue a longer-term deal for any closer. There were indications the Tigers might've been a little more willing to consider a second year when they were talking about their own free-agent relievers, including Brandon Lyon, but both Lyon and Fernando Rodney signed elsewhere.

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said earlier this week that he's "content" with his club's bullpen options if they don't sign anybody else, leaving Ryan Perry and Joel Zumaya as the likely competitors for the closing job. However, Dombrowski also said he's "open-minded" about finding ways to improve if any moves make sense.

Zumaya has four saves. Valverde has 116.