Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tejada #2 on Heyman's best remaining free agents list; Valverde #5

Jon Heyman's new column has to do with the remaining free agents, now that Bay and Holliday have signed. Johnny Damon is #1, but here comes Miggs next...

Even after a terrific offensive season, his market appears surprisingly thin. The Giants and Phillies signed their third basemen, leaving the Cardinals as the most logical landing spot. St. Louis is believed to want to keep it to a one-year deal, perhaps for $8 million, but eventually the sides should be able to work it out. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch suggested the Holliday might diminish the Cardinals' chances for Tejada. But this is probably his best option. Tejada is a solid choice to play third base and replace Mark DeRosa, who went to the Giants without a fight. If Tejada can't work it out with the Cardinals, he might have to turn to one of the two Texas teams, the Rangers or Astros.

With Feliz in the fold, I don't see a return to Houston as an option for Miggs.

And on Valverde:
The terrific closer apparently didn't want to accept arbitration with the Astros, and now may wind up regretting that call. He probably could have earned at least $10 million via arbitration, but it appears now that the teams looking for closers aren't going to be willing to go there. The Tigers and his former Diamondbacks team look like they may be looking for a fire sale on one of the game's more productive relievers.

We should hope it's the Tigers who come calling, as that will result in an extra first-round pick for the Astros. The Diamondbacks 1st-Rounder is protected, which would give us their 2nd-round pick.