Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jose de Jesus Ortiz lives! (Just not with the Astros)

Earlier this afternoon I posed a question regarding the status of erstwhile Chronicle reporter Jose de Jesus Ortiz. It had been since December 15 that he filed a blog post, December 12 since he had tweeted. What the heck happened to him?

Houston Press' John Royal fills us in:

Jose de Jesus Ortiz has been moved to the Houston Dynamo beat. It's rumored that soccer guy Bernardo Fallas will be taking over the Astros beat, but he doesn't seem to be actively covering the team at the moment.

Wow. Who are we going to yell at?

Interesting news (with a captip to Newcomer) from BlogHouston, referencing a Slampo piece (enough links for you?):
Dynamo beat writer Bernardo Fallas' sister works for the Dynamo. Could be a conflict of interest, and the reason for the ol' switcheroo.

A short recap of the trials and tribulations JJO endured last season:

October 29: Alyson Footer calls him icompetent (there's two links there, don't miss them.

October 14: JJO gets weirdly/righteously indignant about Jose Cruz and drugs and the Astros

October 1: Alyson Footer, at it again, clearing up confusion JJO caused regarding Milo Hamilton's health.

October 1 (bad day for JJO): Astros County wears JJO out as he says Wilton Lopez should have defied Dewey Robinson and thrown a different pitch.

August 27: JJO slams his fist on the table and demands that you remember his loyalty to the Astros

August 20: JJO wonders aloud if the Astros have an organization-wide drug problem.

July 14: JJO's blog post discussed an inappropriate relationship with an unnamed intern with a Houston media outlet and a married player on the Nationals, which set off a fecal storm. Ortiz' blog post has since been deleted.

May 16: JJO says that Cecil Cooper is the Hugo Chavez of baseball.

Enjoy those Dynamo games, JJO!