Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And JJO ain't happy

I guess, even for the Chronicle, the blog is a place to vent. So it is, though, for JJO, who is pissed about Cruz.

A nugget:
At what point are the fans going to start asking Drayton McLane why the St. Louis Cardinals can run away with the division with a payroll similar to the Astros? At one point are the Astros fans going to ask for accountability from the guys who really make the decision.

Fans stopped showing up at Minute Maid Park because the product was horrible, one of the worst clubs in all of baseball. How did the Astros get this bad, Drayton? I promise you it wasn't because of Cruz, a quality man who is sent to pasture way too, too early.

Astros fans want answers, and yet Drayton rewards the folks who created the mess. Why does Ed Wade have such a mess to fix? Wade didn't create it. He found it here. Now it's up to the fans to ask Drayton to make real changes, not cosmetic ones like getting rid of Cruz, who was stunned.

How can you continue to have one of the worst farm systems in all of baseball with more drug suspensions than winning teams in the minors this season and still keep the same folks employed?

Have the Astros become a joke?

Does the Cruz decision make you feel different about the Astros?

All of that is fair up to the point in which a correlation between Cruz being let go and Mitch Einertson is drawn. That's a joke.

And after my feelings were reinforced by Street, it's worth noting that this was an incredibly unprofessional blog post by Ortiz. Can we officially coin a term indicating "Ortizian levels of ridiculousness?"