Friday, January 15, 2010

Comparing Kemp/Ethier to Pence

So I had the pleasure of twitteracting with Maury Brown, of the Biz of Baseball (invaluable resource), regarding the impact of Kemp's deal on Hunter Pence:

He said:
I'll say no higher that $3M for Pence. Super 2. And, Tal Smith is good at this stuff. Legendary.

Peanut agrees (check the comments of that Kemp/Pence post), and says Ethier's 08-offseason deal is more appropriate. Let's check them out:

Pence (09)585.282/.346/.472109:5856-7211514-25
Ethier (in '08)525.305/.375/.51088:5976-1061326-9
Kemp (09)606.297/.352/.490139:5258-10112534-42

So it seems as though I should stand corrected. Kemp had a better year, finished 10th in the MVP balloting, won a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger. I'll go ahead and back off the "Hunter gets $5m" thought process, and bring it back down to $3m (you don't argue with the Biz of Baseball).