Friday, January 15, 2010

Keppinger, Sampson agree on deals

Two down. Six to go. What? You think Date Night can stop me? Hell and no, it can't. I'm in the bathroom of the movie theatre, because Jeff Keppinger and Chris Sampson have avoided arbitration hearings, by signing...

Keppinger - $1.15 million
Sampson - $815,000 + incentives

"We're pleased to get these two guys done, and we hope to continue to make progress on the others...We'd love to get them done sooner rather than later and have the focus on getting to Spring Training and preparing for the season, but this is the time of year these things occur, and Ricky Bennett and David Gottfried want to stay focused on trying to get negotiated settlements, and if that doesn't work out Tal is working on the cases."

Keppinger got himself a $600K+ raise, while Sampson enjoyed an almost $400K raise. Not bad considering he got hurt, got in an argument with the manager, and got demoted last year. I'd take it.

And let me tell you what, you don't want Tal Smith working on your case.