Friday, January 15, 2010

McTaggart's inbox

As usual, there are a few things we can learn from McTaggart's inbox. Such as...

-This leaves Moehler's chances of sticking in the rotation hinging on how well Paulino performs. Ed Wade doesn't want a veteran standing in the way of a prospect, but he loves Moehler and the workmanlike attitude he's brought to the club the past few years. Moehler does have experience in long relief and would certainly take that role and do the best for the team if the club deemed Paulino worthy of a shot in the rotation.

On the 5th OF:
-Bogusevic is left-handed and could fill that role, but he's still only a couple of years into his development as a hitter...The kind of player Wade has in mind is a veteran, professional hitter who's comfortable coming off the bench and maybe starting every now and then. Certainly (Brian) Giles is still out there, along with perhaps a guy such as Rick Ankiel, who provides some power. Whomever the Astros bring in for that role would have to take a non-roster deal and try to make the club in Spring Training, though.

On Jason Castro:
Castro will be the starter at some point this year and perhaps for the foreseeable future, but I guess it wouldn't surprise me if the Astros brought a veteran to camp on a non-roster deal to add to the competition.

On Koby Clemens:
He really doesn't have a defensive position (he'll try the outfield this year), so he's going to have to hit his way to the Major Leagues. But keep in mind he's a great kid and has kept his head on straight and handled his business through tough times. Don't count him out.