Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Arbitration Day!

If the Astros players don't want to get Tal Smith involved with their arbitration case - and I don't think anybody wants that - then they are going to have to reach a settlement by noon. So check back and see who signed, and who's going to court. All updates will appear beneath this post, so scroll down to read the latest news.

Arbitration recap:
Michael Bourn: $2.4m + incentives
Tim Byrdak: Asking $1.9m, Astros counter with $1.3m
Jeff Keppinger: $1.15m
Matt Lindstrom: $1.625m + incentives
Hunter Pence: Asking $4.1m, Astros counter with $3.1m
Humberto Quintero: $750K + incentives
Wandy Rodriguez: Asking $7m, Astros counter with $5m
Chris Sampson: $815K + incentives

Let's play with the numbers and payroll (currently $78.2315):
If the players get their way, total payroll: $91.2315m
If the Astros get their way, total payroll: $87.6315m
If they play nice and split the difference: $89.4315m

Don't fret! Just because Byrdak, Pence, and Wandy have not yet agreed doesn't mean they'll be facing down the Long Arm of Tal Smith. The players and the Apparatus have exchanged numbers, and can continue to negotiate.


SteveBartman_MVP said...

I know this is entirely off topic, and Im very sorry but do you think if we hadn't signed Brett Myers and stayed quietly pat that we could have made a run at Sheets with some good ol Roy Oswalt buttering up? I think if Drayton were smart, adding a solidified ace for just a couple more million rather than the 8 we are essentially giving myers with the buyout would really sell some tickets, boost the selling value and win some more games. Nothing against Myers, hes more durable than Sheets, but Oswalt, Sheets, Wandy, Norris, Paulino looks alot better when your GM is saying we are going to need guys to step up in order to replace the runs that we are losing with the loss of Miggy.

The Constable. said...

SB_MVP: I don't think so. I think Sheets will command upwards of $10m, and given his injury history and the 2nd-degree scarring that came with signing Hampton and Ortiz, the Astros wouldn't be so thrilled about throwing that kind of money at Sheets.

Myers has been hurt, but I don't know how many more tickets Myers would sell than Sheets.

OremLK said...

That's... a better situation than I expected. If they split the difference like you mentioned, I could see Drayton giving the OK to spend another $5-7 million on the right player(s).