Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reaction to arbitration decisions

McTaggart has some reaction from all interested parties of today.

"I never really worried about it...I'm thankful and happy for it. I can get that out of the way and move on to the next hurdle, which is Spring Training. I'm ready to go for that, and I'll see everybody down there."

Ed Wade:
Our goal is always to negotiate and try to come up with settlements that satisfy both parties. That's the task at hand, and we'll work in that direction...I think both parties, players and teams alike, are anxious to try to get deals done at the proper pace, and there are some dynamics in play. The exchange date compels both sides to get together and reach a negotiated settlement before the numbers are out there. Sometimes the numbers have a polarizing effect on the process. There's enough marketplace evidence available that it behooves both sides to take advantage of that...

..."I think the work David Gottfried, Ricky Bennett and Tal have done has really put us in a good position to be able to get three more arbitration-eligible players signed before the exchange of numbers. We're still optimistic that we'll get Byrdak and Wandy and Pence done before we ever get to a hearing. It's good to get these issues off the table and allow us to focus on Spring Training and getting the club ready...

...Everybody's important. There are a group of guys on this club who are centerpieces of the ballclub, and certainly we believe what Wandy and Hunter and Michael have accomplished at this stage of their careers is very significant. We're prepared to pay what the market bears for talent and we've never taken a contrary position. We're prepared to pay when players step up and do the types of things to make us better."

Wade did say, according to McTaggart, that he would be setting the deadline, thank you very much, by which they would simply go to a hearing if an agreement wasn't reached. I need to look it up, but I don't believe Ed Wade has a track record of going to hearings. He didn't last year...