Thursday, December 24, 2009

McTaggart's Inbox

McTaggart posted his newest inbox yesterday. Of course this was the day I was 80 miles north of Houston with no internet access. What can we learn?

-I do think the Astros are one good starting pitcher away from contending for the playoffs, but it doesn't appear as if it will happen.

-Let's see how these guys respond to new leadership in Brad Mills, and don't rule out the possibility that Ed Wade really is applying a thoughtful blueprint like the Phillies followed to become what they are.

How might the Opening Day roster shake out?
-At this point it appears Johnson will likely begin the season at Round Rock and start at third base. You'll probably see Drew Locke, Brian Bogusevic and Yordany Ramirez in the outfield and Jason Castro at catcher if he doesn't make the big club. Also keep an eye on outfielder Collin DeLome and infielder Drew Meyer. Among the pitchers who could be in Round Rock: Fernando Abad, Chia-Jen Lo and Polin Trinidad.