Monday, December 14, 2009

Astros re-sign Jason Michaels, sign Gustavo Chacin

Alyson Footer is tweeting that the Astros have re-signed Jason Michaels to a one-year deal worth $800,000 with a club option for 2011. Let's do the splits on Michaels:

2009 Splits!

vs LHP56.268/.317/.44613:48-4
vs RHP79.215/.326/.41825:129-12
Bases Empty70.243/.354/.47120:119-3
Runners On65.231/.286/.38518:58-1
1st Half74.176/.256/.32421:79-6
2nd Half61.311/.400/.55717:98-10
On 1st Pitch16.313/.313/.688x:x4-1
After FPS68.235/.278/.39723:47-8
After FPB51.216/.375/.39215:126-7

Season Total
K:BB Ratio: 2.38
K/PA %: 25%
XBH/H %: 53.1%

So that's interesting. As Footer tells us:
Before everyone blows a gasket on the Michaels signing, consider his second half #s -- .311 (19x61) with 3 HR and 10 RBIs.

We've considered his second-half numbers. And I'm more impressed with his August 5-9. Four games in which Michaels went 6x13 with 4XBH and a slash line of .462/.500/1.077. Michaels raised his average 32 points. Then it was back to a .222 average in September/October (though those walks were nice enough to push him over a .400 OBP.

McTaggart said:
I like Michaels return. He's cheap, relatively speaking, can play all 3 OF spots, had a good 2nd half and has good makeup.

Brad Mills had this to say about Michaels:
He was in the minor leagues when I was in Philadelphia, and he was highly thought of. His reputation in baseball is very solid as being a very solid clubhouse presence and a solid player.”

And Ed Wade:
He is a solid guy. We’ve lost some guys through free agency, and the leadership element is important.”

The leadership element. There it is again.

So I won't blow a gasket, and $800,000 is baseball peanuts (just don't do the math on how long it will take you to make $800,000. It's 100 of something, but it ain't games. You'll just depress yourself.). But I won't be jumping up and down like Mariners fan today.


In another note, the Astros signed Gustavo Chacin to a minor-league deal with an invite to Spring Training. As The Crawfish Boxes astutely note:
The Astros also get a very interesting project in Chacin with previous experience under Arnsberg.

Chacin posted the best season of his career in 2005, Arnsberg's first year with Toronto, Chacin went:
13-9 (34 starts), 203IP, 3.72 ERA/1.39 WHIP, 121K:70BB, finishing 5th in the AL Rookie of the Year balloting.