Thursday, December 10, 2009

Astros among Winter Meeting losers

The Sporting News recaps the winners and losers of the Winter Meetings.

I bet you already know where the Astros will be...

They are replacing Valverde and Hawkins with Lyon and the inconsistent Matt Lindstrom. That isn't what you consider an upgrade.

They're not replacing Valverde and Hawkins with Lyon and Lindstrom. They're replacing Valverde's and Hawkins' dollars with Lyon's and Lindstrom's dollars. And Pedro Feliz, apparently.


Rob S said...

I don't think we were losers unless we decide to throw worthless money to worthless players. We are suppose to be reducing payroll, and by doing so you are going to take lesser talent. Granted, I don't think Feliz is that much of an upgrade over what we have at the major or minor league level, especially for the money he's due, so that kind of defeats the whole cutting salary IMO, but if we keep the path we are starting, I don't think we are winners or losers. If they would have signed Lyons to a cheaper deal then I would have considered us winners for the direction we are suppose to be heading.

Anonymous said...

Lyons for $5 mil isn't that bad!! tell me why it's bad!?!?! It's not..