Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pence can't wait for Spring

Join the crowd, Hunter Pence. I'm ripping apart splits from the Appalachian League while THERE'S NOTHING ELSE GOING ON! But today, Brian McTaggart filed a report on what Hunter Pence is doing. Predictably, he's swinging a bat.

Some of his aging Astros teammates are still trying to work out the physical pain from last season's 88-loss campaign, but Pence is working out four days a week with strength and conditioning coach Gene Coleman and -- as always -- trying to perfect his hitting.

"I can't wait for Spring Training. I'm preparing to have a great season with the Astros. I'm coming to the ballpark and putting in the work with Doc [Coleman] and letting Doc show me the way. He's been doing it for a long time, and he knows how to get ready to play baseball. I'm doing that and trying to lay low...

...You always do your tee work and are in the cage. We have a cage and a pitching machine [at the ballpark] and people to throw to us. I listen to everyone, and I want to find a way to shorten up and be short to the ball and long through it."

Want to see Hunter Pence? Find a kid, and take him to the Legends Sports Complex in The Woodlands from December 21-23 for a winter baseball camp.