Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Englebrook throws hard

Baseball America got with Pitch F/X to list the velocities of Arizona Fall League pitchers.

Stephen Strasburg was, of course, tops with a 100.5 mph max fastball. But Evan Englebrook was 10th on the list with a 96.8 mph max fastball.

Elsewhere, Chia-Jen Lo recorded a 95.6 mph max fastball, Wilton Lopez threw a 95.3 mph fastball, Danny Meszaros threw a 93.9 mph fastball.

Average fastballs were as follows:
Evan Englebrook: 94.25 mph
Chia-Jen Lo: 92.7 mph
Danny Meszaros: 92.76 mph
Wilton Lopez: 91.29 mph