Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tejada gets MVP vote

Miguel Tejada got some love from the voters a voter today in the MVP vote, finishing in 24th place with one 8th place vote. We can just let that percolate and revisit it at another time.

This is the 17th year in a row in which the Astros have had a player qualify as "valuable."

2008: Lance Berkman (5th)
2007: Carlos Lee (19th)
2006: Berkman (3rd)
2005: Ensberg (! 4th), Berkman (14th), Clemens (22nd), Oswalt (23rd), Pettitte (24th), Lidge (30th)
2004: Berkman (7th), Clemens (8th), Beltran (12th), Kent (13th), Oswalt (23rd)
2003: Bagwell (14th), Hidalgo (18th), Wagner (23rd)
2002: Berkman (3rd), Oswalt (23rd)
2001: Berkman (5th), Alou (14th), Oswalt (22nd)
2000: Bagwell (7th), Alou (20th), Hidalgo (20th)
1999: Bagwell (2nd), Biggio (12th), Wagner (16th), Carl Everett (17th), Hampton (21st)
1998: Alou (3rd), Biggio (5th), Randy Johnson (21st)
1997: Bagwell (3rd), Biggio (4th), Darryl Kile (24th)
1996: Bagwell (9th)
1995: Biggio (10th), Derek Bell (14th), Bagwell (15th)
1994: Bagwell (1st), Biggio (16th)
1993: Bagwell (20th)
1992: Doug Jones (14th), Bagwell (19th)