Thursday, November 5, 2009

The looming shadow of free agency

Ed Wade is pretty sure that everybody who can file for free agency will do just that.

"At this point, we expect all of them to file and then we'll have to continue the dialogue and see where it leads."

How about some LaHawk info, Eddie?
"We know Hawk likes our situation and we feel he did a tremendous job for us ever since he joined the club, and we'd like to be able to retain him. I wouldn't view anything as close at this point. When you get to this stage of the offseason, it behooves the players to file and see what the market presents to them. Our hope is that we're able to get a number of guys back, including Hawk."

Michaels, naturally, would like a job:
"I would definitely like to return. I really like playing there and I like the direction and what has happened this offseason. It's a great place to play and my wife felt comfortable there."

Wade, on the Big Picture:
"We're of the mind that all of the guys that are eligible are a good fit for us, and we'll sort through that at the proper pace. We're in the stage of the doing workups to determine values. The filing period starts [today] and with the General Managers' Meetings beginning next Monday night, I think it's going to be quiet until you get the full filing period complete and know exactly who's on the market. That will give every ballclub a better idea what potentially might be done from a free-agent standpoint, and once the club has a chance to wrap its arms around what the market is going to be like, then it will create a clearer picture of what you may do from a trade standpoint."

There's no way the Astros can bring everybody back AND give raises to Bourn and Pence, so expect some turmoil and turnover...