Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Joel Sherman had an idea, and then he didn't

The Mets need someone who can hit. The Astros need some payroll flexibility. Carlos Lee will take up $55.5 million in payroll through the end of his contract. See a connection?

Well, don't.

Wade put the kibosh on this theory by saying, “He is going to be our left fielder. He has a complete no-trade clause and he has made it very, very clear that he does not want to go anywhere.”

As if this option needed to be shot down any more, I ran it by a Mets official who said Lee has become such an atrocious left fielder that he would be too much of a nightmare defensively even with his power.

Seems to me that, in order to be "very, very clear," one would have to be asked, and asked, if they would waive said no-trade clause.