Friday, October 16, 2009

Justice wants Garner, and then explains why this will never happen

Because setting up a tragedy makes for the best copy. Justice, has a blog post this morning on why Garner won't be the next manager:

If Drayton McLane hires Scrap Iron, he's going to be admitting that firing him two years ago was a mistake. I think Drayton may have a tough time admitting he was wrong...

...Anyway, if Scrap Iron gets to the second round of interviews, his mission has to be to convince Drayton he deserved to be fired.

He must tell him that the club was going bad, and that since he'd tried everything he could, it made sense to bring in a different voice and see if it sparked a resurgence.

Garner can remind Drayton that he got the job in 2004 when the Astros were looking for a spark. They had no idea whether his hiring would get things turned around, but they'd invested so much in that season that they weren't going to leave any stone unturned.

Then Justice turns his attention to why everyone else should be fired. It's remarkable, really.