Friday, October 16, 2009

What'd I miss?

If I'm going to miss a day, I'm okay with it being the day that Little Neddy Nederlander and Rowdy Randy Ready interview. What'd they say?

Ned Yost, on what he learned from his firing in Milwaukee:
"Don’t lose 10 out of 13 games. That’s the best thing I could figure. Hope that your offense stays on track so that you don’t struggle to score runs. There’s a lot that you can take out of it, but it’s not over just a short period of time.

I think it’s six years of experiences that you learn. I think more than anything else the ability to sit home for the first time in 35 years like I did this summer to kind of review where you’ve been and where you’re going and to think of all aspects of your leadership and where you could become better at it was really, really beneficial for me. There’s a lot of areas where I think I can get better and be a little bit smarter in certain areas.”

Should we tell Ned that, if you're philosophy is based on the hope that your offense scores runs...maybe Houston isn't the place for him.

"I think baseball has been training me, grooming me to become a major league manager. When I first got back in the game, I didn’t anticipate being in the situation I am today. I think my credibility around the industry has brought me to this point.”

But make no mistake, for the Chronicle, this day was about Ned Yost.

“I don’t think that there’s any substitute for experience. I think I learned a ton of great lessons being 12 years with Bobby Cox. And I learned a ton of great lessons the last six years with the Milwaukee Brewers. I think it always helps...

...“The Atlanta Braves were in last place for years and years before I got there. And being a part of a staff that brought 12 consecutive division championships while I was there, I saw how Bobby did it. I watched how to go about it. And then six years in Milwaukee, which they were arguably the worst team in baseball and get them back to a playoff-contending team. I got the experience. I know how to do it. I know what it takes to be able to do that.”

"I think I have a knack for portraying my visions, my goals. I think that being a winner — what I’ve done the last 18 years has been on clubs that started in dead last place."

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