Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"It's bad luck to be part of this coaching staff"

First base is going to look really strange as Tal Smith and Ed Wade informed Jose Cruz his services will no longer be needed at first base.

Cruz has been offered a dual role helping the field staff at home and in spring training and then as part of community outreach while the team is on the road during the regular season.

“It was sad because I felt real good as a coach. That's part of the front office's decision. They're making changes, and it's bad luck that I had to be part of this coaching staff. It wasn't just me. All the coaches (save Berry) were let go.”

And in other coaching moves, only hitting coach Sean Berry has been retained from the coaching staff.

Astros' bullpen coach Mark Bailey is now the hitting coach at Class AA Corpus Christi, while bench coach, Ed Romero, will manage Class A Greeneville. Pitching coach Dewey Robinson was offered a position in player development, but he has accepted a job with another organization.

So whomever the new manager is, even if it's Dave Clark, is going to have the opportunity to assemble, top-to-bottom, their full coaching staff. I'm just sad that Cheo won't be at first.

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