Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On the hook for 2010...

Just an idea of what the Astros are committed to in 2010, financially:

1B: Lance Berkman - $14.5 million
2B: Kaz Matsui - $5.5 million
LF: Carlos Lee - $19 million
SP: Roy Oswalt - $15 million
RP: Doug Brocail - $250,000 buyout
Total: $54.5 million

1st Year of Arbitration Eligibility
CF: Michael Bourn - $434,500 in 09
RF: Hunter Pence - $439,000 in 09
Bench: Jeff Keppinger - $427,500 in 09
RP: Chris Sampson - $449,000 in 09
Total: $1.75 million

2nd Year of Arbitration Eligibility
C: Humberto Quintero - $610,000 in 09
SP: Wandy Rodriguez - $2.65m in 09 ($50,000 bonus if he threw 180IP)
Total: $3.26 million

3rd Year of Arbitration Eligibility
RP: Geoff Geary - $1.7m in 09
RP: Tim Byrdak - $1m in 09
Total: $2.7 million


Kevin said...

What do you do with Geary? The guy completely stunk in Houston and Round Rock and not worth that kind of money after this year. I'd like to see them give Paranto (24 saves and 1.39 era!) another shot or Daigle. Probably won't happen since it seems like he's one of Wade's boys.

The Constable. said...

I'm guessing Geary doesn't come back. If it goes to arbitration, he'll make at least the $1.7 million he earned this year to sit in Round Rock. I would think that he's the only one to not return next year. It would be great to add Matsui to the list and put Maysonet at 2nd, but I doubt that'll happen, too.

jphelps said...

Matsui best case scenario: He goes back to Japan.

Kevin said...

Matsui can take his anal fissures elsewhere.
I saw Geary bust up a shutout (8IP-Norris, 1IP-Donnelly) at Round Rock in extra innings vs New Orleans. He gave up 4ER in 2IP but RR rallied 5 runs in the 11th to give Geary a win. Kind of a cheap win on his record.