Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tejada has "peaked"

And probably did so some time ago:

Christina Kahrl notes:

Tejada's days of MVP yore of well behind him, and at 35-years-old he isn't going to sneak up on anyone with another fantastic season. However, his .301/.331/.433 has been a surprise given a minuscule 3.1% walk rate; while Miggy has never walked, his frequency of free passes these past two years has been but a half of his career mark. Calling him a shell of his former self would be much too harsh as he is still proving to be productive, but do not expect anything more. A modest projection for 2010 would see Tejada hit .290/.325/.420 with 15 HR and below average defense, numbers solid enough to earn a paycheck but not nearly of enough quality to carry a team for stretches at a time or be relied upon as a real offensive threat."

How about some '09 splits?
April: .315/.351/.382, 0HR, 6K:4BB
May: .380/.400/.648, 5HR, 6K:2BB
June: .298/.330/.385, 1HR, 10K:3BB
July: .307/.336/.447, 3HR, 9K:4BB
August: .212/.239/.279, 1HR, 13K:2BB
Sept: .286/.327/.449, 1HR, 1K:3BB

Pre-ASG: .329/.357/.473, 7HR, 26K:10BB
Post-ASG: .256/.288/.367, 4HR, 19K:8BB