Monday, September 14, 2009

Levine on Paulino

Continuing a discussion we've been having this morning, Zach Levine chimed in with a quote from Paulino:

"I just need one role. Just give me the role, and I'll go pitch. It's really hard when you go to the games and you don't know what your role is. For me, it's more easy when you go to the games and they tell you 'hey Paulino, you're going to start the next six games, so just be ready.' It's going to be easy. Baseball now, you don't pitch with your body; you pitch with your mind. Now it's easier when you go pitch and you know you pitch every five days."

This kind of confirms the conversation between myself, Kevin, and Kelsey. Once Paulino knows he has a role, he can get the job done. Playing with his timing is like playing with his emotions.