Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rangers to trade for Pudge?

T.R. Sullivan is reporting the Astros are close to sending Pudge back to the Rangers. Pudge would be the backup to Taylor Teagarden, no word on who the Astros will receive in return.

Update: The Dallas Morning-News is saying the deal is for two mid-tier prospects.

Is this the big towel-throwing move for the Astros? And just who will be C1? Is Castro on his way up? Towles? Quintero? Pretty wild day - and we're just getting warmed up.


Spruce said...

I haven't had a chance to watch a lot of games this year. Has Coste caught any? I've only seen him at 1B. Would they go Quintero and Coste for the rest of the year?

jphelps said...
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The Constable. said...

Citizen Spruce,

Since coming over from Philly, Coste has caught in three games, only one of which - his first game as an Astro - he started.

My gut is telling me two things: (1) Buffalo wings would hit hard right now, and (2) Towles will come up. I have no way of backing that up, but it's just a guess.

The Astros could also bring up somebody else for the bullpen, start Quintero, and Coste will back him up.

R.N. Coyote said...

Hopefully JR Towles gets another shot while Jason Castro is really on a fast track. I saw him when the Hooks were in town and he's a quick learner.