Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Comments on the Pudge trade

One of my favorite pastimes is to read the comments section of newspapers. Specifically, comments on stories regarding guns, drinking, education, and politics. Occasionally I'll read the comments on sports stories, but this is less common. Except today. I find amusement with Rangers fans and their thoughts on getting their old catcher back.

Dominic in Alpine:
HELL YES! DAMN! Pudge is returning. The best news I have heard this week

This is a good day for all Americans.

This is great as long as Pudge realizes this isn't the same Rangers team he was on years ago. There's new leadership, both in the front office and more specifically, on the field. Just hop on board and enjoy the ride.

That is awesome! The all time Ranger fan favorite. This guy will pump a team up! He has incredible enthusiasm for the game and still has the tools.


These dang Rangers never cease to amaze me this year!!! GOOD JOB FRONT OFFICE!!!!!

And my personal favorite, from ToddO:
In other news, Rafael Palmeiro, Ruben, and Juan come out of retirement