Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Justice, who is also dumbstruck by Pudge's lack of productivity, lobbies for Towles

Richard Justice is also wearied by Pudge.

The Astros are getting almost nothing from their catchers. They're 10th in the National League in batting average, 15th in OBP, 14th in OPS, ninth in doubles and eighth in home runs.

Pudge Rodriguez, bless his heart, appears to be about out of gas. He has caught 2,254 games, more than any man in history. He's also 37 years old and looks like a guy that could use a lot more days off than he's now getting.

He's entering this homestand in a 3 for 26 slump with no extra base hits or walks in this stretch. He's certainly not the only thing wrong with the Astros, but he's not part of the solution either.

So why not give J.R. Towles another shot when he's back from the disabled list? What would it hurt? Would the offense get worse? Is Pudge's throwing arm so valuable that the Astros don't need production from their catchers?

What say you? Towles is hitting .287 with a .400 OBP at Round Rock. Has a 25-year old catcher ever been so lowly regarded by an organization and its fan base?

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