Saturday, August 29, 2009

Drayton issues no votes of confidence

Seems that Roy caught Drayton's attention after all.

There's plenty of time when the season is over to address how we finished up. Let's see what the real potential of this team is. We had much greater expectations, so you have to adjust. Part of it you have to look at it. You ever see a team that had as many injuries to key players?”

I think we've already seen it. And injuries to key players? Valverde missed some time. Berkman missed some time. Roy was on the DL once. As far as your key players? That's a stretch.

Is Drayton happy with Coop?
"I don't know that I can have evaluated or considered that. We're going to review every part — from the players to the manager, to the farm system. We haven't picked out any one part of it.

Is Drayton happy with Roy?
"Roy had great frustration, and that's part of a champion. He wants to win as much as anybody else. These are problems you need to solve internally rather than through the media...

...“He didn't name any names. I'm kind of struggling to know who he was referring to. We got some great players. When we put this team together in December and January, we certainly had thought we were going to have better results than we had this year. I think the team has given great effort. Particularly when you get to the big leagues, you play 162 games and you need to play hard, aggressively for the 162 games; No. 1, for the fans. They support you. And for the team, that's how you build your fan base and the fan base for the season. And for the players themselves, they take lots of pride in their careers.”

Is Drayton concerned?
"You're always concerned. I think there is concern because we had great expectations.”