Saturday, August 29, 2009

Justice's 12-step program

Latest plan to fix the Astros.

1. Fire Coop
2. Hire Bagwell
3. Make Manny Acta bench coach, and make room for Biggio
4. Bench Matsui
5. Make Maysonet starting 2B
6. Bench Blum and Keppinger
7. Move Tejada to 3B
8. Make Manzella starting SS
9. Give Towles one last chance
10. Bench Moehler
11. Put Paulino as SP5
12. Give Bogusevic a roving spot in the outfield

Suddenly, we'd look at 2010 completely differently. There'd suddenly be some hope. Even if they were terrible in 2010, there's the possibility that they're learning on the job and that they'll get better.

Do you like my plan? Sure you do. What do we have to lose except a few more games? If we're going down, let's go down with a manager that loves the Astros with all his heart and soul and cares more about them than any 10 fans. Let's go down with kids that are going fast and playing their hearts out. Let's make this September one to remember instead of one to forget.

If my great experiment doesn't work, so what. At least we tried. At least we didn't sit on our hands, ignore the problems and pretend it would all be OK.