Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seriously, who spilled water in the bullpen?

That may not be how it went down, but Arias says he strained his hamstring slipping in the bullpen while warming up. He won't be throwing for two to three days.

With Arias on the DL with a hamstring strain, becoming the fifth Astro to hit the DL with a bad hamstring, Run-DMc (Drayton, for those of you new to Astros County) is going to order a full investigation into why it's happening:
“Look at how many hamstring strains, calf strains and other injuries we've had. Do we need to change our training routine? Do we need to see the energy drinks they take? We need to see what has caused all these injuries. Have you ever seen so many calf injuries? Look how many calf injuries.”

I'll go out on a limb and say that the energy drinks are safe. But the training routine...he may be on to something.

Looks like Paulino will get the start on Sunday, and not Wandy:
“Well, we've kind of decided, but we still don't want to put it in stone just yet because you know how these things are. When you make plans, then all of a sudden there's a long day or a long ballgame and you have to use everybody you got.”

So they're leaning towards it, but fully realize that Saturday's game could be a complete disaster.
Boone will rejoin the team on Tuesday, after rosters expand to 40 players:
You know when you go to spring training you start to get ready for the grind of the season. And not being able to go through it with the guys — a lot of these guys I knew coming in and a lot of these guys that I didn't know as well — I was really looking forward to playing with. That at least it's going to become a reality for a month is nice.”
And Blum will rejoin the team today after a negative MRI showed that he was just being a wuss.

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